Appointed 91短视频SA Positions

We're filling positions for 2024-2025!

Please apply for the team(s) for which you wish to be considered below. Applications will be considered as they are received & individual interviews will be scheduled shortly after.

91短视频SA Teams To Apply For:

President's Team: Also known as the Cabinet, this team includes Chief of Staff, the Marketing Director of 91短视频SA, Mental Health Chair, Campus Connections Chair, the Social Media Chair of 91短视频SA, and the Elections Committee.

Leadership Team: The Leadership Team provides curricular and co-curricular leadership opportunities. The team consists of four areas of concentration: The StrengthsTeam promotes Gallup's StrengthsQuest on campus and encourages a strengths-focused campus; Emerging Leaders mentor freshmen and sophomore students with leadership potential to prepare them for leadership roles throughout their college careers and into their life; L.E.A.D. Weber (Leadership, Education, and, Direction) promotes leadership throughout the campus and community by encouraging involvement and leadership development.

Advocacy & Unity Team: Advocacy & Unity Programs gains student representation through 91短视频SA’s Executive Body. Each year the student body elects a Vice President of Advocacy & Unity who then selects members of the Advocacy & Unity Team through an application process. The Advocacy & Unity Team meets on a weekly basis. These meetings are mandatory. Retreats are held during the summer months and December. All retreats are required.

Clubs & Organizations Team: The C&O Team is the main group of student leaders who serve as the resource for all clubs and organizations on campus. These leaders help clubs to host on-campus activities, schedule meetings and reserve space on campus, review and approve club funding requests, understand campus policies and procedures as well as risk management protocol, and hosts large, campus-wide events specifically geared towards highlighting clubs and organizations.

Community Engagement Team: The 91短视频SA Community Engagement Team is a student-run, high-impact educational experiences team focused on providing community engagement opportunities to students from foundational, or one-time/low impact volunteer opportunities, to transformational opportunities, or high-impact experiences with substantive projects for community partners/organizations through direct service democratic engagement, and community research.

Activities Team: All members of the Activities Team will be responsible for assisting fellow team members with the planning, organization, and execution of concerts, dances, parties, speakers, activities, and any other social events. Each team member will be expected to attend the weekly Activities Team meeting, the meeting with their co-chair or specific team, and have a presence in the Student Involvement and Leadership Office throughout their term.

Senate: Please note, Senate seats are elected each Spring. Should a Senate seat become vacant during the course of the year, it may be appointed. The Senate Secretary is the only always appointed position in the Legislative Branch.

Judicial Branch: Includes 4 positions:

  1. Supreme Court Chief Justice
  2. Two Associate Justices
  3. One Parliamentarian

The Davis Campus Executive Council: The Davis Student Council is dedicated to bringing students together through planning, organizing, and executing events for the 91短视频-Davis and satellite campus communities. The Council consists of student leaders which focus on the following programming/event areas: Traditional Programs/Events, Family Traditions Programs/Events, Social Impact/Service Programs, Advocacy Programs/Events and serve as student engagement mentors for the 91短视频-Davis Campus.